What is the design process like?

Our process is very co-operative. We work with you and not for you.

Do I need to have all my content in place?

Yes, it is very important that you have all your content put in place before you can activate your order on Beez! because this helps us to plan better on how to execute your order.

How much control do I have over the design process?

We work with you to bring your vision to life. We use our years of experience in design to advice you on the best way to do this. We give you regular updates as well as planned review sessions to get your feedback.

What if I want to make changes to the design?

With each project, we begin to design based on the direction agreed upon at the initial meeting. Once a draft is sent for your review, you are allowed to make corrections depending on the number of review rounds you are entitled to. If you are unsure of your direction, it is advisable that you request for extra revision which will cost you just a little fee.

Can I add a feature not included in my deal to it?

Yes. You can add a feature which will be at a negotiable cost.

Can I exchange my initial order for something else?

Yes, you can exchange the order you initially made for something of equal or less value. You cannot add money to exchange it for an order of higher value.

How soon will my project be completed?

Each Beez! project has an estimated time for completion based upon schedule availability. The goal is to have your project even before the estimated time indicated, but in the event that this might not be possible, we will let you know well in advance.

Who owns the rights to the designs?

You own all the files and designs sent to you as the final deliverable.

What if I want a refund after delivery?

Unfortunately, there’s no refund. All sales are final. In the event that you’re unsatisfied with the deliverable, we will create extra samples until you’re satisfied.

Can I order a Beez even though I don’t have a clear direction of what I want?

Yes, you can. Be advised to seek adequate consultation so we can use our years of experience in the industry to help you achieve what you want.

Are there any additional charges I will need to incur for my project?

Yes, depending on your project, there might be extra charges you might have to incur to get certain types of features installed. An itemized list of the potential extra charges are listed on the resources page.

What are the Payment Methods?

We accept payments via Bank Wire Transfer (Debit/Credit Cards) and also direct deposit to our bank account. Our payment gateway is safe and secured.

How can I contact ExProMedia?

You can contact us using the contact form provided on our website and our support service representative will be in touch with you within 2 hours during regular work hours.